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My Approach To SEO

My approach to search engine optimization (SEO) work is very simple – my goal is to get as many visits as possible, and therefore earn as much as possible. I focus on applying all the elements of digital marketing to your business, thereby attracting people who will really want to hear more about your services and products, and ultimately make a purchase.

Therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all businesses, including yours. That’s why I uniquely approach each of my clients and thereby ensure that the maximum is achieved from the specific business they are engaged in. Also, I strive to be a strategic partner who understands the needs and goals of your business and shapes an SEO strategy that will help achieve those goals. When I say strategic search optimization, I mean resource building, keyword retargeting, technical audits, content creation, and more.

I build strategic SEO plans that include site optimization to help my clients achieve their goals. At Transistor, I strive to be more than just a search engine pro. I want to be a strategic partner that understands your business’s needs and goals and molds an internet marketing-focused SEO strategy to help achieve those goals. Strategic search optimization can include resource building, keyword retargeting, technical audits, content creation, and more.

The key value of SEO

SEO is a powerful tool when building a stable foundation for your business. It is important to know that the number of searches can only grow, as well as the number of users asking queries. Once the foundation is well laid, your site will develop and grow, even if you don’t work on SEO for a while. The fact that once invested in creating a good foundation for your site can save you a lot of time, and bring a lot of money in the future – is the key value of SEO.

SEO services and my work process

On the other pages that you can find on my site about SEO, you can familiarize yourself with the process and the way I work, as well as the values ​​of SEO. Certainly, I suggest that we get in direct contact, because each client has a unique business, and each one should be dedicated in a specific way. This is exactly what I love about my job because it allows me to get to know different businesses, create unique solutions and apply specific strategies that produce the right results for their unique case.

My SEO Process

Analysis of the competition and your business

The first step in the successful implementation of an SEO strategy is to review the competition and analyze where you are in your competition. Also, we come to a solution of which strategies to apply in a specific case, and see what your competition does differently than you. This way, we will see and conclude what is ideal for your business and how to reach new and keep old clients most efficiently.

Keyword and content analysis

In this step, we analyze which keywords are ideal for your business, as well as which keywords we can quickly become a reference for. Also, we will study the existing content on the site and its contribution to the ranking results, and what needs to be changed to improve the situation. We keep records of everything, make reports and monitor progress.

Develop Meta data chart

Based on the research, we conclude all the necessary details that can influence the optimization of the site and the improvement of the business. By that, I mean titles, meta descriptions, and all other necessary types of content optimization. This is a crucial step for the desired site ranking, as it allows me to lay the foundation for future SEO strategies.

Building a content strategy

In this phase, I deal with defining the SEO strategy for the content on the site. This involves creating guidelines for choosing the best topics and keywords that should be found on your site. I follow these guidelines when working and writing all texts on the site. A proper SEO strategy builds authority, and credibility and takes your brand to a much higher level.

Building authority through links

After building an SEO strategy, research and work on backlinks follow. This is a very important aspect of SEO because then search engines recognize you as a reliable source of information. And that further strengthens the reputation of your brand. In this step, I also build internal links, which allow the user to stay longer on your website and explore more of the content on your site. It has a positive impact on your business.

Implementation and growth

This is the last phase and everything that I have not applied so far, I do in this phase, along with monitoring all the previous parameters. Knowledge of different SEO platforms is key in this part, as well as knowledge in the field of web design – which I very much possess.

What are the benefits of working with an SEO professional?


In this job, it is crucial to have a lot of experience in working with different platforms, websites, and web applications, as well as working with different niches and different needs of clients. And that’s exactly what I can boast about: I’ve worked in different niches (e-commerce, marketing, wellness, interior design, development, food industry, retail…), so I don’t lack experience.


Detailed reporting dashboard – The items I pay a lot of attention to are conversion, sales, and ROI metrics. Accordingly, I propose new and adjusted current marketing strategies.

  • Regular Meetings and Updates – Nothing is more important than direct communication. I am flexible about the frequency and type of meetings.
  • Dedicated Expert Support – I understand and know that problems can (and will) arise, so I’m ready to offer appropriate solutions with superior customer support.
  • Flexible workflow – Depending on budget, goals, and timelines, I develop a specific workflow for each client, including you. Everyone deserves a unique approach and solution.


Largest keyword research database available – With a wealth of data at my fingertips, I can create a better strategy that will increase traffic and therefore revenue.

Tools to find links and content opportunities – I have many programs with technology to discover content strategies and link-building growth.

Experience in complex and highly regulated industries – I quickly learn about your business and market and develop strategies that will enable you to become industry leaders.


Extensive Technical Reviews – Many forget about the technical side of things because they can remain invisible. These are extremely important details, so I try to create an adequate SEO basis.

Daily Rank Monitoring – I make sure to monitor search engine volatility and make adjustments based on rank and trends.

Ongoing Education and Planning to Avoid Google Penalties – It’s important to stay up-to-date with the world of digital marketing and be constantly aware of current changes, policy updates, and more. I am here to assist you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask Me Anything

A technical SEO audit allows you to find your website’s weaknesses and strategically implement a plan to address them. To make sure the audit is done, you should:

  • Make sure there is only one version of your website
  • Scan your website in detail
  • Check if your website is found in Google search
  • Make sure you rank with your brand name
  • Make quick revisions to the page
  • Find duplicates and bad content
  • Check your website loading speed
  • Make sure your site is mobile-friendly

The SEO score measures the performance of your website: it shows how well your website complies with search engine guidelines and with users. The final score is determined by your website’s performance in four subcategories: technical, content, user experience, and mobile. The ranges of SEO results are:

  • 1-10%: Poor
  • 11-20%: Decent
  • 21-30%: Fair
  • 31-40%: Competitive
  • 41-50%: Good
  • 50-61%: Strong
  • 61-70%: Very Good
  • 71-80%: Excellent
  • 80-91%: Outstanding
  • 91-100%: Top

The revision may take 2-6 weeks. The exact completion time depends on the size and requirements of the website. In addition to the integrated SEO audit, you must perform weekly checks to monitor the status of your website and any issues that may arise.

Every job requires an expert in certain fields. It’s the same with SEO strategy. SEO experts can confidently and successfully conduct a technical audit, combining knowledge and experience. The agency can analyze every aspect of your website, carefully monitor the competition and apply the most effective SEO techniques so that your business always leads to success.

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