From Music to Marketing

More than 15 years in music production, performances, songwriting, and band management have taught me one thing…importance of marketing.

Throughout the years, I have tested various marketing approaches to my music, my businesses, as well on my clients and concluded that it all comes down to this:

  • Having a clear end-goal
  • Understanding your limitations and how to overcome them
  • Defining priorities
  • Understanding funnels
  • Managing the progress of all marketing-related campaigns
  • Understanding customer/client psychology 
  • Being creative in marketing strategies – thinking outside the box
  • Work smart and hard

From SEO to CRO, Email Blast Campaigns, SMM, PPC, Project Management, and more, I have proven my knowledge over and over again. 

Nenad Radakovic - live performance on national television
Nenad Radakovic interview on national television
Nenad Radakovic interview
Nenad Radakovic - on stage with band

Why I love SEO?

When I think about SEO optimization, and how Google ranks sites, I can easily draw a parallel with a library. Imagine yourself walking into a library and asking the librarian for a book on, say, gardening.

It will offer you several books, just like Google will show you 10 results on the first page. How will a librarian decide which ones to recommend to you? It will choose the most read ones, the ones that people rent most often. 

It is unlikely that they will offer you a book that has not been read by anyone for years and is sitting somewhere on a shelf. Likewise, the site, if it is an old site, and no one visits it, and even when someone visits it – they do not stay on it, there is little chance that it will be ranked in the top 10. It is similar to music, and according to the fact that it is one of my passions, I devote myself to SEO with the same love.

What about new pages on the site? The same as with new books, new songs. If the book is on various lists, it receives some awards, just like music – reviews are published in magazines, it will be recommended as promising. In the case of SEO, these are links from other sites, shared on networks, and mentions on forums. So, SEO is a kind of art. And I adore art. 

SEO is a modern kind of art and you should love it, just like literature, music, painting… And you won’t hang a work you don’t like, by an unknown author, on the wall of your living room, nor will you recommend a book that doesn’t have a message to someone, you won’t listen to low-quality music. That’s why I love SEO… It’s like the highest quality work of art, and it delivers amazing results. And, yes, it adds value over time, just like a valuable piece of art!


Field of work: Project Management


  • Setting advanced strategies with Skrum and Agile methodology;
  • Leading multi-member teams made up of a wide variety of digital marketers, through developers to people in charge of writing content in multiple languages;
  • Active use and definition of tasks within platforms such as Asana (senior level of knowledge of the platform), Trelo or ClickUp, which has resulted in the improvement of many businesses. Working on these platforms has allowed me to precisely define tasks so that each project manager, as well as other team members, have clear responsibilities, taking care that all deadlines are met;
  • I would like to point out that I achieved special results in the field of managerial skills working for a foreign company that deals with software solutions, as well as in the domestic company Webiz where I was the project manager for a festival called “Re-connection”. I will provide more information about the companies of the same name within the “Clients” section.

Field of work: SEO

Level of knowledge: Senior Specialist

SEO as a form of digital marketing is an area in which I continue to improve every day.

I did numerous audits, developed different strategies for domestic and foreign clients, and managed to bring them, new companions and users, for a given type of business. Below you can see some screenshots of my successful campaigns (arrows indicate my starting position in the workflow):

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